I'm Nahuel, the founder of INKACREATIONS. I grew up in Mendoza, Argentina, surrounded by nature, freedom and strong family bonds. At an early age I decided to travel the world exploring and experiencing all its riches while collecting inspiration and knowledge about native metals, gems and cultural treasures.

"Nature has always been and will be my master teacher which inspires me to create new pieces".

INKACREATIONS evolved 17 years ago in London with the birth of my daughter Inka.

Today, our jewels reflect the innovative energy of a united work team called INKACREATIONS. A fabulous team of beautiful people working with the same goal: to celebrate life and express themselves through Art and Design - Creativity.

We create exclusive pieces of elegant contemporary and wearable jewellery that pay homage to the three most beautiful gifts of the Universe: mother nature, wildlife and the human soul, while expanding the brand on a global scale without losing their individuality.

May You have an Amazing Experience at our Website!